Meet Mike & Tyler

Mike & Tyler is set for 2024 release!

9/10/20231 min read

With Enypnion Redreamed getting closer to a Steam release, it’s finally time to resume work on the Mike & Tyler game, which was in a hiatus state these past months.

Meet Mike & Tyler.

The police duo is ready to embark on an adventure and investigate a crime in this light-hearted adventure game, which takes place in what is arguably the best period of modern human history—the 80s! A classic point-and-click adventure at heart, the game completely skips text dialogs in favor of simple pictogram conversations.

Mike and Tyler will need to cooperate in order to progress within the game and combine their different characteristics. All elements of classic adventures are here, with a bit of Gobliins thrown in the mix. Dear reader, in case you haven’t played the classic series, please do yourself a favor and grab a copy now!

But because a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few images from the game's art, with more to follow in a future post.